Diving For Children

PADI Master Seal Team

Help your kids discover a completely new world, the PADI program is fun and full of action and skills are done safely in the pools and conducted by PADI certified professionals.

What is it?

The advanced section of the Seal Team program. In Master Seal Team the students get to experience adventure aqua missions, including but not limited to specialist situations such as Search & Recovery, Wreck diving , Fish identification diving. All activities are carried out in our indoor pools.

What you learn

  • Videoroom session - children expand their scuba diving knowledge
  • Pool session – the seal team member at this point will have gained essential scuba diving skills that qualify them to practice more skills that correspond to real open sea adventure dives such as underwater navigation, Search & Recovery, Wreck dive, Fish Identification dive. for mature divers. Aqua missions 6-10 teach children SCUBA skills

Why take the Master Seal Team course?

The Master Seal Team is an excellent way of young divers continuing their diving education, gaining more experience underwater and growing in confidence. It allows young divers to develop skills in preparation for diving in open water and is an excellent precursor to open water certification for young divers.


  • Minimum of 8 years old
  • PADI Seal Team Member


2-3 hours

Course material

Seal Team Pack ( seal team manual + dives logbook + seal team badge + course CD )
Price: AED 1,200
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