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PADI Open Water Diver

Learn diving in Blue Coast, start now one of the worlds most exciting sports. From the PADI Discover Scuba Diving up to becoming a PADI Rescue diver.

What is it?

The most popular SCUBA course – has introduced millions of people to SCUBA diving worldwide
After completion, Open Water divers are certified to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters without a PADI professional present – although they must always have a buddy of the same level or higher!

What you learn

Broken down in to three sections over a period of 3 days (to suit the student)

  • 5 Knowledge development sessions are to be discussed in the video room with your PADI instructor, using the text book. This is essential to understand basic SCUBA principles.
  • 5 Confined water (pool) sessions with PADI Instructor, where SCUBA skills are demonstrated and practiced.
  • 4 Open water (sea) dives with a PADI Instructor, where some exploration happens and the learnt skills are reviewed.

Why choose Open Water course over SCUBA Diver course?

Divers with only a SCUBA Diver certification are limited to diving under the direct supervision of a PADI professional (dive master, assistant instructor or instructor) and to a depth of 12 meters instead of independently with a buddy to a depth of 18 meters.

What does “Junior” Open Water Diver mean?

The junior certification is the same as the full certification in terms of knowledge development and course structure. However, younger divers have more limitations on depth and group size for their own safety. At 15 years of age, the certification can be updated with PADI.

Do I have to be able to swim?

As SCUBA diving is about exploring the underwater world it is important that you are happy, comfortable and competent in the water. Nobody has to be an Olympic swimmer, but there are watermanship skills required to start the course.

Physical: For safety, all students complete a brief scuba medical questionnaire that asks about medical conditions that could be a problem while diving. Please see the attached Medical Questionnaire (the last page in this booklet)! You will be kindly required to read it carefully and answer with YES or NO prior to any water activity.

If you decided to do the course you would need to come and collect the materials required to go through the course manual before attending the video room sessions. You need to read the manual and/or watch the DVD, answer the knowledge review sections chapters 1-5 and watch the DVD at home before attending the theory sessions in the video room.


  • Minimum of 10 years old
    - students under the age of 15 gain a Junior Open Water Diver certification
  • In general good health


3 days

Course material

-Open Water Diver crew pack (The course manual- DVD- Erdp- Diver’s logbook) | -Full scuba diving equipment in use
Price: AED 2,295
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